Keith Dotson’s photographs seen in movies or on TV

Photographs by Keith Dotson have been featured as wall art in several television shows, most prominently Grey's Anatomy, with three of Keith's photographs seen recurringly on the wall of Dr. Meredith Grey's bedroom, and Melissa and Joey, where six framed prints were a standard part of the set decor for four seasons. His work has also appeared in nearly two dozen major US television commercials for clients such as Spiriva, Wendy’s, Marshall’s, Direct TV, and many others.

Listed by most recent first.


Why Him?
December 2016
Bryan Cranston, James Franco, Zoey Deutch
Two photographs appear in the movie

Whitney Houston
One photograph licensed for shooting, did not appear in the final cut

Television Shows

Grey’s Anatomy
ABC (Fall 2016, Season 13, Episode 6, “Roar,” and others)

Playing House
USA Network
Season Two

Lady Dynamite
Starring Maria Bamford
Season one, premiered May 2016

Modern Family
ABC (January 2016)

The Mindy Project
Fox (January 2016)

Angel from Hell
CBS (January 2016)
Starring Jane Lynch and Maggie Lawson

Melissa Joan Hart with photos by Keith Dotson on the set of Melissa and Joey

Melissa and Joey
Six landscapes used as permanent set decor in the ABC Family show starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence.
Four seasons 2011 – 2015

CBS TV crime drama
October 2014

Mystery Girls
June 2014

Baby Daddy
April 2014

Gossip Girl
Hollywood, California
August 2011

Television Commercials

Keith Dotson photographs seen in a TV commercial for Marshall's

Marshall’s TV Commercials
“Easy to Save” April 2014
“Sticker Shock” June 2014

Keith Dotson photograph in a TV commercial for Wendy's starring Morgan Smith Goodwin

Wendy’s TV Commercial
Landscape photo visible on back wall.
Los Angeles, California
August 2012

PIER 1 TV Commercial
Five landscape photographs licensed to Pier 1 for TV spots.
Los Angeles, California
August 2011

Time Warner TV Commercial
Three landscape photographs licensed to Time Warner for TV spots.
Los Angeles, California
August 2011 

The first Spiriva elephant commercial featured two photographs by Keith Dotson

Spiriva TV Commercial
Two photographs licensed for use on set for the first Spiriva elephant television commercial.
Los Angeles, California
June 2011