Listed below are some of the print and retail art print projects that have licensed photographs by Keith Dotson. Contact Keith with your licensing ideas.

True West Capital Partners
Winter landscape photograph used on their 2016 holiday card.
Portland, Oregon
December 2016.

Ida Gard Stage Backdrop
Danish pop singer and musician Ida Gard licensed “The Enchanted Forest” photograph for printing onto a large fabric stage backdrop, used during her European tour.
Copenhagen, Denmark
Spring 2016.

Cornell University / Routledge
Model Perspectives on Structures and Architecture, academic book authored/edited by Cornell professors Mark R. Cruvellier, Bjørn N. Sandaker, and Luben Dimcheff
Published 2016.

Numerous photographs licensed for reproduction as large and very large art/home decor pieces for retail sale on
Detroit, Michigan
2009 – Present

Columbia College Today Magazine
Photo licensed for an article about Greenland fossils
New York City
September 2013

South Llano Strategies
Photo licensed for use in corporate identity / web design
Austin, Texas
April 2013

Photo licensed for use on greeting card for distribution in the Benelux region of northern Europe
The Netherlands
October 2011

Lovelane (Europe)
Cityscape photo licensed for worldwide publishing rights to Lovelane
London, England
August 2011

Urban Outfitters
Public Market, Seattle
Photograph licensed for inclusion in Artists Canvas Wall Art Series
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
December 2008