Black and white prints on fine art baryta paper

Our fine art prints are intended to be heirlooms to be cherished by you and your heirs for hundreds of years. 

The prints are made with archival pigment inks on museum-quality fine art baryta paper from European mills that have manufactured art papers since the 1500s. Not only are the prints stunning, but with proper care and framing, they will last well beyond our lifetimes.

Archival Pigment Print on Baryta Surface Fine Art Paper:

  • Museum quality, heavy-weight, white fine art paper
  • Baryta coated with a surface similar to traditional darkroom prints
  • Acid-free and lignin-free
  • Very best archival quality, tonal contrast, and surface beauty
  • Includes white border for easier framing
  • Signed in the white space below the bottom right corner of the print
  • Comes to you carefully packaged, without frame or top mat
  • Typically ships in approximately 7-10 business days
  • Free shipping inside the US
Baryta paper close-up detail

Above: close-up detail of an actual baryta paper print

About the baryta paper

Baryta paper is a fine art paper with a semi-gloss barium sulphate coating that gives prints sharp details and a stunning range of tones. 

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    Alternative papers

    100% cotton fine art paper

    Available by special request, we will print your photograph on fine art cotton paper. This is an uncoated matte surface paper that manages to maintain deep, rich blacks and a high definition of sharpness.

    The paper is thick, natural white, and has an uncoated surface, which means it doesn't reflect a glare in the frame, as could a glossy surface.

       The price for prints on cotton papers is the same as for baryta papers.


      Real darkroom-style silver gelatin prints on baryta paper

      Available by special request, as a premium print alternative, we offer museum-quality fiber-based silver gelatin prints. These are professionally printed on old-fashioned silver gelatin baryta paper, and processed in darkroom chemicals to archival standards. This is thick paper with a slight shine, but is not usually super glossy (although this can vary slightly from batch to batch). Fiber-based silver gelatin is one of the most stable and archival forms of photographic print (surpassed only by platinum prints or toned prints).

      Museum quality fiber-based silver gelatin prints on baryta paper

      • Museum-quality wet-processed fiber-based silver gelatin print
      • Superior archival quality and surface beauty
      • Printed on Ilford 310gsm thick paper
      • It's called "glossy," and while this varies depending on the manufacturer, it's not usually super shiny
      • Unless otherwise stated, ships without top mat, mount, and frame
      • Signed on the back in pencil
      • Ships in 3-4 weeks
      • Free shipping inside the US 

      Prices quoted on a per request basis, but they typically cost 2X the list price of our inkjet prints.

      Selenium toned silver gelatin prints (Ask for a price)

      For additional cost, we can add a selenium toning to your silver gelatin print. Toning slightly alters the look of a silver gelatin print, but the chemical process of toning replaces the silver in the print with selenium, which greatly enhances the longevity of the print.

      If you have any questions about the types of prints I sell, or if you'd like a custom quote on alternative surfaces and materials, send an email.

      Custom sizes: If you’d like to customize the size or features of your photograph, just let me know.

      There’s a fantastic description of photographic papers here: (Opens in new window).