Keith Dotson announces a new leaf skeleton macro photograph

Fine art photographer Keith Dotson is proud to announce a new macro leaf skeleton photograph

Keith has added a stunning new photograph to his ongoing portfolio of leaf skeleton macro photographs. These photographs are designed to highlight the intimate beauty of nature's design, which is often overlooked in daily life.

This new photograph is available in a wide variety of print sizes up to 60-inches square. By printing these in large sizes, we can enjoy them on a grand scale, almost a landscape unto themselves. 

Video: See the photograph in detail

Usually we see photographs on social media or on websites, which are by necessity low resolution. In this video, you can see a detailed view of the intricate patterns inside the skeleton of this gorgeous leaf. 

Keith Dotson holding a leaf skeleton

For scale: this photograph shows the actual leaf on Keith's fingertips.

Buy a fine art print

Keith's photographs are printed to the latest archival standards, using museum-quality papers made by a German paper mill that has manufactured art papers since the 1500s. The surface is glossy, with a baryta coating very similar to old fashioned darkroom fiber-based papers.

Keith's prints are designed to be heirloom art objects that can be proudly passed down to your children and even their children. Read more detail about Keith's prints here.

Leaf Skeleton - Black and White Photograph by Keith Dotson. Click to buy a fine art print

Leaf Skeleton - Black and White Photograph by Keith Dotson. Click to buy a fine art print.

See Keith's entire Leaf Skeleton portfolio here

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