The Grey's Anatomy Suite: The Landscape Photographs from Meredith Grey's Bedroom

You could own the three photographs seen on Meredith Grey’s bedroom wall 

Three of Keith Dotson's black and white landscape photographs have appeared on-screen in multiple episodes of Grey's Anatomy since Season 13, with significant screen time in seasons 14 and 15.

If you enjoy Dr. Grey's taste in wall art (or if you are a huge fan of the show), you can purchase one (or all three) fine art photographs for your home or office. This is the chance to own an actual part of the show's set decor. A great gift idea for Grey's Anatomy fanatics.

Rock your walls like Meredith Grey. Buy just one, or all three, of the photographs seen in the most recent seasons of Grey's Anatomy. 

Fine black and white prints are available of all three landscapes. Click each image to learn more about prices and sizes.

Big Burr Oak, by Keith Dotson, as seen on Grey’s Anatomy. Click the photograph to buy a fine art photographic print.

Flying South, as seen on Grey’s Anatomy on Meredith Grey’s bedroom wall. Click the photo to buy a print.

The Story Tree (IMG_3497), as seen on Grey’s Anatomy. Click the photo to buy a copy for yourself.

No endorsement by ABC or the makers of Grey's Anatomy is stated or implied. Beyond their licensing of the photographs through a third-party art dealer, no relationship exists between those entities and Keith Dotson Photography.

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