New photo release:

New photograph captures image of a man resting in the sheltering embrace of giant, ancient oak trees

Photographer Keith Dotson has released a new photograph of magnificent oaks sheltering a park bench, where an elderly gentleman has paused for a rest. Returning to a familiar theme — beautiful trees dominating a landscape — we see here a rare Dotson photograph where a human being is included. 

These giant southern oaks are hundreds of years old  possibly older than the USA itself. Their massive, arching branches meander up and then back towards Earth, creating a canopy, a shelter of shade from the rain or sun. 

The video below shows a 12" x 18" black and white print of "In the Shade of the Mighty Oaks," on luster surface silver halide (silver gelatin) true black-and-white resin coated paper. It's a traditional, wet processed darkroom print that has been exposed onto light sensitive paper. The print is mounted on acid free white mat board, and signed in ink on the white margin in the lower right corner.

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