New Marriott downtown Milwaukee acquires Keith Dotson photograph

"The Mitchell Building," black and white photograph by Keith Dotson, will be part of the lobby decor in the new downtown Marriott Milwaukee

I’m happy to announce that my architectural photograph of Milwaukee’s Mitchell Building has been selected for the Jackson Meeting Room of the brand-new luxury Marriott Downtown Milwaukee when it opens later this year.

Many thanks to Bridget, of DAC Hospitality in Atlanta, for brokering the deal. Conceptual art of the new Marriott shown at top is copyright of Kahler Slater, Inc., linked here from the project website. The photograph of my work hanging in the finished Jackson Street Meeting Room (below) is copyright Marriott International.

Framed photograph of "The Mitchell Building" by Keith Dotson, is visible on the back right wall in this photograph, copyright of Marriott International.

Keith Dotson's framed photograph is visible on the back right wall in this photograph copyright of Marriott International.

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~ Keith

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