Keith Dotson photo appears in TechCrunch Makers video profile of Boston high-tech firm

Antique Farm Machine: From the mud-caked fields of Tennessee to the walls of a high-tech firm in Boston

Keith Dotson's “Antique Farm Machine” made a brief cameo in this Makers video on TechCrunch yesterday. The photo made a quick appearance as TechCrunch reporter John Biggs began a video profile of Boston high-tech firm Formlabs. Many thanks to Katie at Turning Art for alerting us to the fact that it had appeared! Turning Art was the agency responsible for placing the photo at Formlabs. 

There's a delicious irony in a picture of this 100-year-old antique farming machine hanging on the wall of a cutting-edge high-tech manufacturer. Certainly that same irony must have appealed to the people at Formlabs, who selected the photo for their space.

Antique Farm machine, a black and white photograph by Keith Dotson. Click to buy a fine art print of this photograph.

Here’s a link to the TechCrunch video (opens in a new tab).

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Link to the TechCrunch video:

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