Keith Dotson announces new limited edition fine art photograph

Fine Art photographer Keith Dotson releases first major limited edition prints as part of his Artist's Choice portfolio

Keith Dotson has released his first addition to his new Artist's Choice portfolio. This is a special collection of limited edition prints. The photographs in this collection have been set aside as Keith's personal favorites.

They are offered in just two sizes, each size in editions of 7, signed and numbered. Once the final print of the edition has been sold, no further prints will be made. Prices will increase as the editions sell.

Artist's Choice photographs are printed at 20 x 30" and at 40 x 60" on chemically developed silver gelatin baryta paper that has been selenium toned. They are intended to be heritage investments.

Limited editions

Most of the the photographs Keith offers are open editions, which means they can be sold in unlimited quantities, as long as collector interest persists. Limited editions are by nature more rare. In addition to the fact that these prints will be sold in limited numbers, they have also been processed in a way that increases their potential longevity.

(See Keith's article How long will your photograph last?)

A photograph of a selenium toned black and white photograph

Above: Close-up photograph of a selenium-toned black and white photograph. The effect is more subtle than the better-known sepia tone effect.

About selenium toning

Selenium toning is an archival chemical process in which a developed black and white silver-based print is washed in a selenium toner bath, enhancing its tonal range and increasing its longevity. The process replaces the metallic silver in the paper with silver selenide. Selenium toning can give the print a slight color tone, which depends on the strength of the toner bath and the type of photo paper.

The digital photographs shown here are meant to represent selenium toned prints as closely as possible, but due to computer screen variations and since each print is custom-made upon purchase, you can expect a completely unique print. Yours may vary from these examples. The effect is subtle, but is somewhat exaggerated here.

Photographs in this collection are not offered for licensing.

These are Keith's top-of-the-line prints — the very best he offers.

Buy a limited edition print of "Pride and Joy" here

Or, buy a small, one-of-a-kind artist's proof of this photograph on Etsy here

This is an initial artist proof printed at approximately 8 x 12 inches, available for purchase exclusively on Etsy.

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Buy this photograph on Etsy 

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