In praise of rainy days

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Black and white photographs of rainy days by Keith Dotson

Having grown up in hot, dry, dusty Texas, I have a real appreciation for the replenishing beauty of rain. I love the sound of rain. I love the way rain cools the air and makes everything sparkle. I love the way the rain deepens the colors of nature. This series of photographs is my effort to capture the essence, emotion, and beauty of rainy days.

In the future, water may be a more valuable resource than oil. Remember, California and Texas recently emerged from historic years-long droughts. As the population grows and climate change progresses, clean water will be crucial. When I see the droplets clinging to the tip of a branch, I know those precious tiny droplets are just beginning a long journey, that potentially ends in aquifers, stream beds, lakes, or even the oceans.

But for now, much like Thoreau — quoted below from Walden — I’m happy to appreciate the rain for its aesthetic, soul-soothing qualities.

Some of my pleasantest hours were during the long rain-storms in the spring or fall, which confined me to the house for the afternoon as well as the forenoon, soothed by their ceaseless roar and pelting; when an early twilight ushered in a long evening in which many thoughts had time to take root and unfold themselves.

—Henry David Thoreau

Fine art photographs of rainy days

Featured photo (above): On The Long Journey. Click to buy a fine art print.


Morning Dew Drops Running Down a Spider Silk (IMG_4569). Click to buy a print of this photograph

Endless Rings  Raindrops in a Puddle. Click to buy this photograph.

Row of Raindrops, rainy day photograph by Keith Dotson. Click to buy a fine black and white print

A Bugs Eye View of the World - a macro photograph of raindrops on blades of grass by Keith Dotson. Buy a print.

A Hundred Self-Portraits in a Wet Leaf, black and white macro photograph by Keith Dotson. Click to buy a photograph for your home or office

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