Black and white photograph of migrating birds flying over the southern landscape

Photograph of the barren winter landscape of the American deep south, with flocks of birds passing low over black trees

The American deep south is a unique, beautiful place. A land of challenges and contradictions. A land where mythology and reality are difficult to separate.   

The beautifully dreary southern landscape seems so full of emotion. The photograph captures a moment when the barren winter landscape is cloaked under heavy clouds as migrating birds fly low, past tortured trees tangled in vines. It's difficult to see in the low-resolution web image, but more flocks birds are visible into the distance. In the foreground, the fertile delta soil is fallow for the season.

Like the south, this scene is full of stories.

“I think that without the South this nation would have no soul. The South is the soul of this country. That’s the truth.”
—Trace Adkins, Country music artist



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