Schedule a Portfolio Review with Keith Dotson

(Best for Beginning or Intermediate Fine Art and Landscape Photographers)
  • Portfolio review
  • Website review
  • Business objectives review


Sessions are tailored to your special interests and last 1 - 1.5 hours, online via video chat. In-person arrangements may be possible wherever they make sense. Keith will provide a gentle critique and advice about your photography portfolio, website design, or business plan for selling fine art photographs.

All reviews are honest but handled with kindness, humor, and encouragement. The course of the discussion will be tailored to your own special interests as outlined in the questionnaire.

You'll walk away with tips on improving the consistency of your work, a more focused direction for your fine art photography career, and possibly some new ideas on how to start getting sales.

Fill out the questionnaire. Keith will consider the answers you provide and will study your work in advance so he can provide the most complete notes and suggestions possible.

How it works

  • Copy and paste the questions with your answers into the contact form.
  • Pay for your session.
  • Keith will contact you to arrange a convenient time to chat.


(copy and paste into the contact form with your answers)

  1. What are you hoping to gain from a portfolio review?
  2. What are your goals as a photographer?
  3. What perceived weaknesses would you like to improve? (Could be in images or in working technique)
  4. What outcome would you consider to be a success from us working together?
  5. Please send a website URL or dropbox link where Keith can review your work
  6. Include anything else you want Keith to know

Portrait of fine art photographer Keith Dotson shooting inside an abandoned old farmhouse.

Above: Portrait of fine art photographer Keith Dotson shooting inside an abandoned old farmhouse.

About Keith

Keith is a professional fine art photographer with more than 15 years of experience. He taught college-level art and design classes for 5 years. He is the host of the Fine Art Photography Podcast, and the author of the book Unloved and Forgotten: Fine Art Photographs of Abandoned Places. He can advise on how to hone your portfolio, how to position yourself to work with collectors and art buyers, and how to sell prints.

Learn more about Keith's background here.

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