Black and white photograph of a Cave Mouth in the Deep Woods

Black and white landscape photograph of a cave mouth located deep in the forest, with a spring running into it. This is the opening to Russell Cave in the hills of northern Alabama. It's one of the most archeologically significant locations in the US due to its almost continuous use as a shelter by Native Americans for nearly 10,000 years. Excavations have found 100,000 artifacts — two tons worth — including human remains that are 8,500 years old.

Archival Pigments Prints on Fine Art Paper (Standard):

  • Printed on heavy-weight, matte surface white cotton fine art paper
  • Permanence rated for hundreds of years with proper care
  • Includes white border for easier framing
  • Signed in the white space below the bottom right corner of the print
  • Comes to you carefully packaged, without frame or top mat
  • Ships in 5-7 business days (slightly longer for larger sizes)
  • Free shipping inside the US (ask for a custom price to ship outside the US)

Fiber-Based Silver Gelatin Prints (Premium):

  • Museum-quality wet-processed fiber-based silver gelatin print
  • Superior archival quality and surface beauty
  • Printed on 310 gsm thick paper
  • It's called "glossy" but it's not really shiny
  • Unless otherwise stated, ships without top mat, mount, and frame
  • Signed on the back in pencil
  • Ships in 3-4 weeks
  • Free shipping inside the US (ask for a custom price to ship outside the US)
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