ShopMate: Recommended for affordable shipping to Australia

Australian buyers may be able to save big on shipping with a ShopMate account

Shipping photographs internationally can be quite expensive. A recent shipment of photographs to a collector in Germany cost more than $250 USD.

Shipping to Australia is comparably expensive or even more.

But, we recently learned from a buyer in Australia about a service called ShopMate  provided by the official Australia Post  which allows Australians to buy American products and have them shipped to a U.S. mailing address, where they are then forwarded inexpensively to Australia.

Learn more about ShopMate here.

The savings can be substantial   potentially saving hundreds of dollars. We encourage Australian buyers to investigate ShopMate, if you don't already have an account. There are size limitations, but most Keith Dotson photographs would be eligible to ship through the service.

Disclaimer: We have no relationship to ShopMate, financial or otherwise, and they have not endorsed or approved this message. We are providing this message strictly for the benefit of Keith Dotson Photography customers.

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