See Keith Dotson's large prints in the new bar at Kalea Bay (Naples, Florida)

Kalea Bay commissioned this custom 13-foot landscape photograph of a road lined with hundreds of oak trees

Keith Dotson is excited to announce that Kalea Bay, an upscale housing development in Naples, Florida, has installed his very large "avenue of the oaks" photograph, which they specially-commissioned last winter.

See the photograph inside Kalea Bay on their website here

The finished large-scale photograph can be seen in the photo above from Kalea Bay. Other works previously commissioned can be seen in the background to the left and right.

This is the composited landscape photograph of the oak alley road Keith made from approximately 9 sections

Above: the composited landscape photograph of the oak alley road Keith made from approximately 9 high-resolution sections. Buy a fine art print here.

The Naples-based design firm working on the Kalea Bay project approached Keith in 2019, seeking something similar to his older photograph Avenue of the Oaks, Savannah. That original photograph wouldn't work because it was much too small to reproduce at 13-feet, and it was too dark and somber for the mood the designers wanted to convey. 

Keith's suggestion was a custom commission to create a large print file composited from a set of new photographs of the scene. That's ultimately the approach that was taken, with a trip to Savannah in March 2020 to shoot the scene, just as Covid-19 shutdowns were beginning.

Piecing together a 13-foot print was quite a task, which Keith describes in the video below, shot on location in March 2020.

Keith edited 9 images into one large photograph during the Covid summer lockdown, and delivered the file to an architectural graphics vendor in Florida as business began reopening.

The dining/bar area graphics were installed in September 2020.

Join Keith on location at the avenue of oaks as he shoots this commissioned image

NOTE: The interior bar photograph is copyright of Kalea Bay.

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