Exploring a railroad yard full of rusty old train cars [Video]

Walk with fine art photographer Keith Dotson through a rail yard of rusty antique trains on a hot summer day

It was a hot July day  93-degrees Fahrenheit  and I had this train yard all to myself  just me and several overly interested wasps. The midday light was harsh and direct. I had hoped for more cloud cover and softer light, but I worked with the light I received.


I'm not particularly interested in trains as a subject matter, but I am fascinated with abandoned places and things, and of course texture is integral to my photographic practice. And as the video shows, this place offers texture in abundance.

Black and white photographs begin at 6:30.

I produce behind-the-scenes videos because I want to give my audience a more rich appreciation of the location behind the final black and white photographs. I want people to understand the atmosphere, the sounds, and my experience of being on site.

View my black and white photographs of rusty antique trains here

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