Black and white photographs of the great solar eclipse of 2017

Photographs of a once-in-a-lifetime event that inspired both awe and humility

The much hyped and reported solar eclipse of 2017 has come and gone. While it was heavily promoted and discussed, it still managed to overwhelm spectators from coast-to-coast with a sense of awe and also a true sense of perspective about humanity's very small presence in the universe. No matter what your problems or whoas, the universe carries on in its most timeless and majestic way.

Solar Eclipse 2017, a Black and White Photograph by Keith Dotson

Black and white photograph of the sun bursting out from behind the moon as it emerges from totality in the great solar eclipse of 2017. Click the photo to buy a fine art black and white print.

The Sun in Totality - Solar Eclipse Photograph by Keith Dotson

The sun in totality, a black and white photograph by Keith Dotson. Click the image to buy a fine art print.

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