Save money on customs fees and international shipping

For customers in the UK who may be concerned about the cost of customs and international shipping fees, we are delighted to announce a new special arrangement with a top-notch, Fine Art Guild Approved UK printer who will print and ship directly to your home or business within the UK.

This means your prints will be made in the UK to Keith's exact specifications, and shipped domestically to you, requiring no extra customs or border fees, and no expensive international shipping.


  • Receive prints faster and at lower cost, due to lack of customs charges, border taxes, and international shipping charges, etc.
  • Top quality prints on paper exactly like Keith would ship from his studio, originated from a Fine Art Guild Approved print shop based in the UK
  • Free domestic shipping to UK mainland and islands


  • Your prints will not be hand-printed and signed personally by Keith. If this is important to you, you may still order for shipment from Keith in the US (although the usual customs fees and other charges will apply)
  • This arrangement only applies to Keith's "Standard" prints. Premium silver gelatin fiber-based prints will still be made and shipped from Keith in the US

How it works:

  • Select the photographs and sizes you would like to purchase, based on Keith's price list (standard print prices apply)
  • Your prints will be the same price as US customers, with domestic UK shipping included at no extra cost
  • Send a message to Keith with the exact titles and sizes you want to own (Do not place the order through the shopping cart, as it is not set-up to accept orders for the UK)
  • Keith will email a custom invoice for your prints, which you can pay with a credit card, PayPal, etc.
  • Your photographs will be printed in the UK, and drop-shipped to you through the domestic UK postal service

Email Keith to arrange a purchase